Kleo Patra

Dear Diva, you're a life saver. Millions of hugs to you from the far-east. Thanks for the magic!!!!!!

Elizabeth Bat-Plange Opoku

I am very good at messing up waves on my hair, as a matter of fact if you ask my co-worker, they usually bet on how long I will keep my hair (usually two weeks tops). But this time I have had my wave on that I got from Otobia since Dec 2011 and it has been washed more than 5 times by my hair dresser, so to sum it up ladies, HER HAIR IS TOP QUALITY ONE OF THE BEST IN THE MARKET. YOU CAN SEE IT ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE.


Thanks a million for the wigs, it's a miracle, so light yet sophisticated. I can't even feel it on my head and it's very soft too, I don't have to worry about having rashes on my forehead etc. I love them and I’m sure I’m going to order some in the very near future. I'm really grateful. They're a treasure.
Thank you.